In Fortnite Season 8, Kitbash is one of the quest-giver NPCs. This guide will teach players where to find him so that they may start the Punch Card questline. It’s crucial to find Kitbash’s position in Fortnite Season 8 if you want to earn Battle Stars. While players may concentrate on completing their Daily or Weekly Punch Cards, new Character Punch Cards have been added to Fortnite.

To commemorate the introduction of a few new characters in Season 8, each has a questline to give the player. Players must complete five tasks for characters like Madcap and Fabio Sparklemane. Players will gain more XP for the following challenge if they accomplish more tasks. Players who wish to get the Carnage skin should wipe these away as soon as feasible. Players must first locate the Character on the map and engage with them before they may do so.

The ‘Making Friends’ questline includes Kitbash. These are the tasks that he will want players to do. At any given moment, players can only follow five different Character Questlines. Even if a player has only done a portion of one, they must finish it before moving on to the next. Fortunately, Fortnite Season 8 makes finding these characters a breeze. All the player needs to do is go to the Quest tab and scroll down until they discover the Character they’re looking for. Kitbash is located near the map’s easternmost point.

Where is Kitbash?

Kitbash can be found at the Dirty Docks, as the players will soon discover. He is stumbling around in the open, close to the colored freight boxes. Gamers must speak directly with him and agree to the initial quest to gather nuts & nuts in order to commence this main quest.

Kitbash location in Fortnite season 8

As players will observe, the location in Kitbash is hidden at Dirty Docks in Fortnite Season 8. He’s out in the open, among some brightly colored shipping boxes. Players must talk with him and accept the first mission to acquire nuts and bolts to begin this questline. Kitbash’s missions are all about mechanical items, which makes sense given that he is one himself. During this mission, players can accomplish a second task in which they must flip an overturned automobile right-side-up while on the road. Players will be awarded XP and gold for their efforts if they complete them.

After the initial visit for any NPC Punch Card Questlines, players do not need to return to the quest giver. The next assignment will be accessible instantly once the prior one is finished, sparing players the journey to Dirty Docks. To optimize their XP rewards for the season, players should complete these tasks as rapidly as possible. As Fortnite Season 8 develops, more Character Punch Cards are anticipated to become available. This serves as a replacement for the Epic and Legendary missions available to players.

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How to get Kitbash in Fortnite?

You’ll have to travel to Dirty Docks to find Kitbash. He’ll be hovering around the enormous cranes you have in the region. Kitbash’s whole questline will become available once you’ve engaged with him.

Stage 1: Gather Nuts and Bolts (12,000 XP)

Mechanical parts can be replaced with nuts and bolts. They’re a crafting component that aids in the creation of weaponry. They can even assist you with side-grade weaponry in select instances. As a result, you’ll discover these nuts and bolts in red toolboxes sprinkled throughout the island.

Stage 2: Create a product (14,000 XP)

In Fortnite Season 8, making an item is as simple as possible. You can make a weapon out of nuts and bolts. Alternatively, you can enter the Sideways and pick up one of the creatures’ cubes. They will also assist you in the creation of sideways weaponry.

Stage 3: At an upgrade bench, upgrade a weapon (16,000 XP)

Upgrade benches made an unexpected comeback in Fortnite Season 6, and they’ve been around ever since. To accomplish this challenge, you must upgrade a weapon at one of these upgrade benches. Because these improvements cost gold, make sure you have plenty on hand before attempting this task.

Stage 4: Within 10 meters of an opponent, honk a vehicle’s horn (18,000 XP)

This is, without a doubt, the ridiculous task of them all. You don’t want to alert your opponents that you’re coming at them in an automobile. To complete this challenge, you must blast your horn within 10 meters of your opponent.

Stage 5: Survive storm phases (20,000 XP)

This is the most accessible yet most challenging difficulty of them all. You must make it to the last circle to finish this challenge. That’s all there is to it when it comes to completing this task.

Do you want to make friends with Kitbash?

Kitbash is looking forward to meeting friends this season, in addition to wandering around Dirty Docks. The NPC may interact with purchasing metal and beginning the Making Friends questline tasks.

These tasks are divided into five phases, each of which must be performed in a particular order. However, they may currently be accomplished in any order while playing alongside teammates participating in the challenge. It appears that all of the tasks may be solved with the help of a party. The challenges are straightforward, and players should be able to finish them in a few matches when playing in a group. Players will gain a total of 80,000 experience points after completing the game.

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